Network Development and Management for Network Managers in Southeast Asia (Network Leadership Workshop)

Bangkok, October 07, 2015 - October 09, 2015

The workshop aims at the development of Network Leadership capacities within the network members’ organisation. With these strategic capacities in place, the network members should be able to develop medium and long-term national capacity development strategies, in line with their own national policies and priorities related to water resources management. In this way AJ members can support the development of water resources in the SEA countries in a sustainable way. Implementation of required capacity development programmes can be conducted in partnership with the national water resources and learning institutes and in collaboration with the other members of AJ. Knowledge in Sustainable Water Resources Management can be shared between the SEA countries through this network of professionals and academics.

The program consists of three main parts:

(1)   The first part is a 3-day workshop, where concepts and methodologies of network development and management will be introduced. This includes network governance, organisation structure and operational guidelines. During this workshop skill to write proposals for financial request will also be developed. Draft Annual Work Plans (AWPs) & related budgets will be prepared.

(2)   These draft AWPs will be finalised in their own countries upon return and submitted early October 2015 to Cap-Net to request financial support.

(3)   Draft Network Governance and Operational Guidelines will be developed by each member network in their own country and submitted to AJ Secretariat for refinement, if necessary.

The program is a combination of:

  1. A workshop, where concepts and methodologies are presented, hands-on experiences in the development and management of networks;
  2. Development of a work plan for 2016 and related budget;
  3. Budget for network operation and management for 2016.
The work plan and budgets will be finalised upon return to their countries, and submitted to Cap-Net in October for subsidy request. Network development will be carried out in stages. The first stage (2016) is to establish network secretariats and administration in each member organisation/country. Strategic plans including a multi-years network activity plan will be developed in 2016. Based on the strategic plans annual work plan for the year 2017 and beyond can be developed and implemented.

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Event Date
October 07, 2015 - October 09, 2015

Bangkok, Thailand

AguaJaring, Cap-Net/UNDP