Organization Name
Thuy Loi Net


Year Established

ThuyLoi University
175 Tay Son, Dong Da




Thuy Loi Net

Collaborative Knowledge Network Thuyloi is a cooperation network of academics and professionals in the field of water resources.

Thuyloi Net is open and exclusive, independent, professional, academic, and non-profit based on a devotion to progress together. 

Vision Thuyloi Net is to become a network of academics and professionals cooperation in capacity building in the areas of water resources where members can share and exchange knowledge for the development and dissemination of knowledge can be enhanced to support the implementation of decentralization and regional autonomy and development in Vietnam.

Mission Thuyloi Net is to contribute to the welfare of Vietnam society and environment through combining advantages of each member of the Network by: 
  1. Provide an avenue of communication, collaboration, and cooperation of science;
  2. Serving the "community of practice" oriented in the field of water resources and; 
  3. Develop the appropriate knowledge and oriented to the needs of all parties involved in the field of water resources.
Working principle ThuyLoi Net 
  1. Commitment, cooperation, and solidarity
  2. Communication based on mutual respect, trust, and equality 
  3. Transparency and accountability
  4. Innovative
  5. Quality assurance 
The network main activity is the development and implementation of network products and services, namely education and training, research, and consulting services through the development, dissemination, and exchange of knowledge (knowledge management) and collaboration with stakeholders including the development of community of practice (CoP).

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