The Beauty of Pantai Anyer

September 19, 2023

Pantai Anyer is one of the famous beach in Banten. It has many hotels and restaurants, and one of favourite place to visit by local tourists. I have visited once with my family, and i like it!

Pantai Anyer is located in Kabupaten Serang, Banten. It is located on the west side of Java island. It is about 120 km from Jakarta. You can go there from Jakarta in 2 to 3 hours drive by car.

Pantai Anyer has lots of beautiful features. The beach has many palm trees and beautiful coral reefs. It also has big rocks, big waves, clear water, and some small fish. It has white sands and deep blue and green sea. We can see the view of Mount Anak Krakatau from the beach.

The beach is very nice for family holiday vacation. The wave is not very big, it was safe to play and swim. We can visit Anyer Lighthouse and we are allowed to go upstairs and see the view. We can do water sports such as Jet Ski and Speed boat.
We can enjoy the beautiful sunset view there.

In Pantai Anyer, there are many hotels, restaurants, villas and coconut seller. There are also a lot of seafood restaurant. We can enjoy spa treatment with Pantai Anyer view. It will be really relaxing.

The location is great, not far from Jakarta. You can reach anyer by Jakarta - Merak toll road using car. You can also ride motorcycle to go there.

Pantai Anyer is a good place to visit because it has beautiful view and great hotel and villas. The air was clean so away from pollution. The location is close to Jakarta, so its a good holiday spot for people living in Jakarta. The wave is not very big,  so it is safe for children to play and swim.