Sustainable water management requires a collective effort at national, regional and global level in capacity development of individuals and organizations, reformation of institutions and of systems in the water sector. AguaJaring is an independent regional network, facilitating the capacity development in Sustainable Water Management in the countries of Southeast Asia.  The water related issues such as water supply & sanitation, water quality deterioration, energy & environment, climate change and adaptation, and sharing the water sources are common in the region regardless of the diversity and complexes. There are many things in common in the region and there is a need for knowledge sharing among the South East Asian Country networks.

The name AguaJaring is a combination of Agua (water in Tagalog) and Jaring (network in Malay). The main role of AguaJaring is to promote synergistic networking among IWRM capacity development networks and organizations in the South East Asian region. The network is an all inclusive network and it was agreed to rotate the location of the Secretariat among its members. AguaJaring is a not-for-profit regional partnership network.

AguaJaring, as of 2015, consists of members from eight SEA countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Lao PDR, Cambodia and Myanmar.

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