AguaJaring's membership is open to three categories:

  1. Water-related Capacity Development Networks,
  2. Water-related Organizations, and
  3. Learning Institutes.

All members must be resided in the South East Asian region and shall subscribe to AguaJaring’s Values.


  1. Commitment, cooperation and solidarity,
  2. Communication on the basis of mutual respect, trust and equality,
  3. Transparency and accountability,
  4. Innovation,
  5. Quality assurance.

AguaJaring provides a regional platform for its members to have synergistic collaboration in the following areas:

  1. Carry out Capacity Development Activities, but not limited to training only;
  2. Provide Capacity Development Professional Services in water management related activities, including applied research.

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  • Jan T.L Yap Eulogy

    To start on Jan T.L Yap eulogy, it is best to have three foremost stories from his last and mostly relatives-like co-workers - Amelia Makmur, Adys Soedjono and Anastasia Wardaningrum.

  • Aguajaring Handover To Malaysia

    Welcome Datuk Ir. Abdul Kadir Mohd Din FASc as the new Network Manager of AguaJaring. which is now hosted in Kuala Lumpur from January 2020 to December 2021. As AguaJaring was dormant in the last two years, the main focus now is to revive the network to once again unify the country chapters in the South East Asian region.

  • Capacity Development in Water and Wastewater 25 years: What have we learned?

    The abstract includes crucial findings that encompass the ‘enabling environment’, ‘organisational level’ and ‘individual level’. Download the abstract here.